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‎An economic seminar with the participation of Lebanese and Arab companies to invest in Zimbabwe

The President of the Lebanese-Zimbabwean Friendship Association Mr. Ali Morad announced the LZFA of an economic symposium between Lebanon and Zimbabwe during the period on September 29-30, in Beirut.

Mr. Morad said that an official delegation from Zimbabwe, headed by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Mr David Musabayana is scheduled to participate. Official invitations will also be sent to Lebanese, Zimbabwean and Arab businessmen and companies to participate in this first event between Lebanon and Zimbabwe.

Mr. Morad explained that the symposium comes within the framework of the Lebanese-Zimbabwean Friendship Association's assistance to Lebanese and Arab companies to develop exports and trade exchange between Arab countries and Zimbabwe.

Mr. Morad also said that this symposium will constitute an important event to strengthen bilateral relations and attract investments to Zimbabwe, which is witnessing a remarkable development during the current period, and that Zimbabwe has the competitive ability because it has very large opportunities for investment in various fields such as agriculture, tourism, minerals, services, infrastructure and energy.

Mr. Morad said that several Lebanese and Arab companies expressed their desire to participate in the symposium in order to identify investment opportunities in Zimbabwe, which the Zimbabwean delegation will explain during the dialogue symposium to be held at the end of next September. The program of the International Symposium will consist of keynote speeches, panel discussions and workshops involving a number of local and international experts to discuss economic and commercial issues and investment opportunities available in Zimbabwe.


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